Regan Poppins

As a kid I was pretty sure I'd grow up and become a Disney Animator.  Luckily I found my way to Illustration and Design, since I don't think I would have enjoyed the repetition and grind of an animation career. 

My style is very flexible.  You can probably still trace some Disney-esque traits in my characters, but I've been influenced by lots of artists by this point.  I like to think of a neat solution to the project first and then find a way to illustrate it in the best style for the job.  That means I have a wide range of visual styles, and I like to paint with more than one type of paintbrush.

I've written and illustrated a couple of children's books that have been published.  I've also worked as an illustrator on several other published books, magazines and merchandise.  No matter how big or how small, my favorite part is hearing that my client is pleased with what I helped create for them.  That wins.